The Pros And Cons Of DIY Digital Marketing

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Every business owner, irrespective of being it small or large aims to scale the scope of business by reaching more customers. Deciding to devise and execute marketing strategies at the accord of the company’s resources or deciding to hire an external, third-party agency is a crucial decision to make particularly when you have financial, budget constraints. So, before settling on a particular strategy it’s highly important that you weigh the pros and cons of each marketing strategy. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of DIY Digital Marketing.

Pro's of DIY Digital Marketing

Low cost

One significant advantage of handling digital marketing on their own leveraging the available skill sets and resources is to avail a huge reduction in cost. Tools that are required to create, curate and publish content on the digital marketing platforms are available at free of cost. For instance, setting up accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc is totally free, and publishing relevant content to reach the target audience is easy. You can save money to spend it on other business activities.

Quality content in less time

No one else in the whole of this world can understand your business, its objectives, goals, and strategies required to drive your vision better than you and your team of experts. You can save a lot of time that you would have to otherwise spend on elaborating all of the above to the third-party service providers to help them articulate a suitable digital marketing strategy. The knowledge that you have gained from your rich experience will enable faster formulation and execution of such strategies.

Gain control and good exposure

By choosing to execute digital marketing with the resources available in-hand, you have complete control of the strategies. You don’t have to pass on instructions and wait for your service provider to change processes. By experimenting with such tools you gain exposure to the intricacies of digital marketing and you get an opportunity to learn as you grow.

Con’s of DIY Digital Marketing

Lack of access to expertise

Digital Marketing is a holistic, tricky, ever-evolving field with new tools and techniques being discovered and launched in the market almost every day. Without having experience and expertise, these strategies are difficult to perceive and execute while it is essential to have complete control of these to win the competition. DIY strategies devised without expertise miserably fail at that point of time.

Time constraints

Most business owners are held up with too many things on their way and they lack time to do marketing on their own. Under such conditions, outsourcing digital marketing using an external agency can help marketing activities take shape on their own.

In-house Digital Marketing team costs huge

For businesses, particularly those that are small face constraints in terms of cost face difficulties when they try to build an internal team and in the long run, the effects are devastating. Choosing a digital marketing company can be worthwhile because you can access a whole team with specialized, comprehensive talent at the cost of hiring one person for the team.

Lack of specialized tools

Marketing is a revolutionary field and has evolved with varied tools and marketing strategies to perform different tasks for example to do Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, PPC Ads, etc. Without such tools, you may seem out of place and at some point lose to the competition. But when you hire a company that specializes in digital marketing, you can access such tools and improve the reach of your business.



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