Instagram Updates To Strengthen Your Marketing Approaches

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As the name says, Instagram produces instant results and real users to your brand. It is one of the trending social media platforms with millions of users from every corner of the world. Instagram is adding and updating features constantly to enhance the user experience. Many businesses opt to reach the audience through Instagram marketing and are successful in maximizing the customer base. Instagram is more than just posting pictures.

Acquiring quality customers and interacting with them can be pretty simple on this platform. Almost any size business from any industry can use Instagram to improve their social media marketing tactics. To stay ahead of competitors, you need to be a pro in using the Instagram features and be aware of upcoming updates. Here's a glance at some recent Instagram updates to improve communication with customers and grow your brand.

Instagram shops with live shopping and checkout

Having an Instagram shop can be very useful to target customers, customize accounts, and showcase a variety of products at a low cost. You can start an Instagram shop with the commerce manager and make the most out of it. Instagram has now added a checkout option that allows users to buy products on the Instagram app itself. It helps you improve the sales as the buyer will not have time to get diverted or change the decision. The live shopping with checkout is a great feature enabling real communication between the seller and the buyer.

It is exciting for the customers to buy products on live shopping with checkout. You can also publish ads, use shopping tools, tag other products, intimate about new launches, and do much more. You can have control of how your Instagram shop looks, customize it to your needs, and preview it. Using Rights Manager, you can control the copyright access of uploaded images.

Messenger integrated with Instagram

Instagram is connected with messenger for users to improve chats by sending and receiving messages on any of the two apps. Now businesses on messenger can connect with the audience on Instagram and vice-versa. The merge allows users to DM, make video calls, using tools, watch videos across both platforms. All this without compromising the privacy and security aspects of Instagram as well as the messenger.

Reels and shop

Reels tab allows the user to create videos feeds. It shows a variety of videos under reels, depending on the previous search and view history. Businesses can easily target users through reel videos of their service and products. It can be used to engage the customer, educate, and provides awareness about your brand. Tools like music stickers, filters, and stories are an added benefit to growing the customer relationship. The shop tab allows the user to explore the brand and buy products based on preferences.

IGTV with automatic captions

IGTV is useful in creating long videos of your business. Your profile will be featured as a channel. Users can view different channels. IGTV platform allows users to share and comment on content. Hence, brands acquire more audience. The visual contents are effective and impressive enough to be remembered by the user. These videos help explain product uses, new product launch, sharing valuable customer views, etc. to develop the business. Instagram is the best social media platform for marketing your brand as it can grow your brand at a faster rate.

Instagram updates never fail to keep up with the fast-growing technology and user needs. That is why businesses consider it as an effective marketing medium. Comments and likes on your posts and videos are the instant proof of your first step of success. An experienced Digital marketing company understand the numerous benefits Instagram can provide to their clients. Hence, Traffici5 experts use their valuable features to enhance the digital marketing strategies created to suit their customer needs.

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