Do You Want To Deal With Fake Reviews On Google?

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From toothpaste to mobile phones, it's rare to blindly make a decision to buy without reading through several online reviews in the current scenario. Many buyers read at least one online review before deciding to visit a business or making their purchase.

It shows that whatever your business is, having a positive Google Business Reviews is playing a major role in the development of your business. There are various business review sites where sellers can make a profile or account to reach a wider audience more effectively. Google My Business Reviews will help you to optimize your customer experience to create a positive online footprint.

If you’re a small business, Google's negative reviews playing an important role in your success. You can’t ignore bad or fake Google reviews. If you haven’t aware of it still, then it’s time to wake up and pay more attention to it. If you thought that you don’t have enough time for managing your reputation, well, that’s what we are here for. But at the same time here are few tips on how to manage your Google Reviews which is one of the transparent, accurate representations of your business.

  • First, you should analyze Every review whether good or bad at all times, when appropriate.
  • Try to get additional feedback, in case if someone left you only stars. This kind of Google reviews helps you to increase potential leads and also helps your local SEO rankings.
  • There are also some other more frustrating things than someone disturbing your business’s reputation, particularly they don't even do business with you but they provide reviews about you. These are called fake negative reviews, and you know what? You can remove it.
  • Yes, you can. But it is not as easy by simply clicking “remove” option but you can remove any reviews that violate Google’s policies for leaving reviews. This enables you to remove the fake reviews from people who never did business with you. There are also some other ways to handle these kinds of fake reviews.

Two Ways to deal with fake reviews

  • Go to the review on Google maps. Click on the three dots in the top right of the review image, and then click “Flag as inappropriate”. Try this, only when you are sure it is fake. If you flag an excess of reviews, Google will penalize you and they turn out to be legitimate.
  • If you came to know that your competitor is behind the fake negative reviews, then a professional way to deal with it is to contact them and request to stop these kinds of activities and ask them to remove those fake reviews. In case, if they refused, you always have an option to report them to the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce.

Positive comments always have the power to drown out negative fake reviews. The best way to improve your Google reviews is by asking your happy customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials for you! By doing these things, you can easily deal with fake reviews on Google and also your business can negate the fake negative reviews and also get a lot of positive reviews up.

If you have doubts about this you can contact a good SEO company. They will do the above things perfectly for you with their SEO Services

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